Interacting spin-2 fields

  title={Interacting spin-2 fields},
  author={Kurt Hinterbichler and Rachel A. Rosen},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe construct consistent theories of multiple interacting spin-2 fields in arbitrary spacetime dimensions using a vielbein formulation. We show that these theories have the additional primary constraints needed to eliminate potential ghosts, to all orders in the fields, and to all orders beyond any decoupling limit. We postulate that the number of spin-2 fields interacting at a single vertex is limited by the number of spacetime dimensions. We then show that, for the case of two spin-2… 

Interacting spin-2 fields in three dimensions

A bstractUsing the frame formulation of multi-gravity in three dimensions, we show that demanding the presence of secondary constraints which remove the Boulware-Deser ghosts restricts the possible

The cosmology of interacting spin-2 fields

We investigate the cosmology of interacting spin-2 particles, formulating the multi-gravitational theory in terms of vierbeins and without imposing any Deser-van Nieuwen-huizen-like constraint. The

Massive spin-2 field in arbitrary spacetimes—the detailed derivation

We present the consistent theory of a free massive spin-2 field with 5 degrees of freedom propagating in spacetimes with an arbitrary geometry. We obtain this theory via linearizing the equations of

On consistent kinetic and derivative interactions for gravitons

The only known fully ghost-free and consistent Lorentz-invariant kinetic term for a graviton (or indeed for any spin-2 field) is the Einstein-Hilbert term. Here we propose and investigate a new

Interactions of charged spin-2 fields

In light of recent progress in ghost-free theories of massive gravity and multi-gravity, we reconsider the problem of constructing a ghost-free theory of an interacting spin-2 field charged under a

Pseudolinear spin-2 interactions

We show how the pseudo-linear interactions for spin-2 particles can be straightforwardly extended to include multiple massive and massless fields without introducing ghosts. When massive spin-2

EFT of interacting spin-2 fields

We consider the effective field theory of multiple interacting massive spin-2 fields. We focus on the case where the interactions are chosen so that the cutoff is the highest possible, and highlight

EFT of interacting spin-2 fields

We consider the effective field theory of multiple interacting massive spin-2 fields. We focus on the case where the interactions are chosen so that the cutoff is the highest possible, and highlight

Complete decoupling limit of ghost-free massive gravity

A bstractWe present the complete form of the decoupling limit of ghost-free massive gravity with a Minkowski reference metric, including the full interactions of the helicity-1 and helicity-0 modes

Structures in multiple spin-2 interactions

We study generalisations of ghost-free bimetric theory which involve more than two spin-2 fields. The consistent interactions can enter in the form of two different couplings and in the majority of



Bimetric gravity from ghost-free massive gravity

A bstractGenerically, non-linear bimetric theories of gravity suffer from the same Boulware-Deser ghost instability as non-linear theories of massive gravity. However, recently proposed theories of

Resummation of massive gravity.

Four-dimensional covariant nonlinear theories of massive gravity are constructed which are ghost-free in the decoupling limit to all orders, and the Hamiltonian constraint is maintained at least up to and including quartic order in nonlinearities, hence excluding the possibility of the Boulware-Deser ghost up to this order.

Generalization of the Fierz-Pauli action

We consider the Lagrangian of gravity covariantly amended by the mass and polynomial interaction terms with arbitrary coefficients and reinvestigate the consistency of such a theory in the decoupling

Nonlinear properties of vielbein massive gravity

We propose a nonlinear extension of the Fierz–Pauli mass for the graviton through a functional of the vielbein and an external Minkowski background. The functional generalizes the notion of the

Massive Gravity theories and limits of ghost-free bigravity models

A bstractWe construct a class of theories which extend New Massive Gravity to higher orders in curvature in any dimension. The lagrangians arise as limits of a new class of bimetric theories of

Ghosts in massive gravity

In the context of Lorentz-invariant massive gravity we show that classical solutions around heavy sources are plagued by ghost instabilities. The ghost shows up in the effective field theory at huge

Ghost-free massive gravity with a general reference metric

A bstractTheories of massive gravity inevitably include an auxiliary reference metric. Generically, they also contain an inconsistency known as the Boulware-Deser ghost. Recently, a family of

Multi-Metric Gravity via Massive Gravity

A generalization to the theory of massive gravity is presented which includes three dynamical metrics. It is shown that at the linear level, the theory predicts a massless spin-2 field which is

Resolving the ghost problem in nonlinear massive gravity.

It is shown that, in the entire two-parameter family of actions, the Hamiltonian constraint is maintained at the complete nonlinear level and this implies the absence of the pathological Boulware-Deser ghost to all orders.