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Interacting fermions on the half-line: boundary counterterms and boundary corrections

  title={Interacting fermions on the half-line: boundary counterterms and boundary corrections},
  author={Giovanni Antinucci},
  journal={arXiv: Mathematical Physics},
Recent years witnessed an extensive development of the theory of the critical point in two-dimensional statistical systems, which allowed to prove {\it existence} and {\it conformal invariance} of the {\it scaling limit} for two-dimensional Ising model and dimers in planar graphs. Unfortunately, we are still far from a full understanding of the subject: so far, exact solutions at the lattice level, in particular determinant structure and exact discrete holomorphicity, play a cucial role in the… 



Communications in Mathematical Physics

VoI.293:R.A.DeVore: The Approximation of Continous Functions by Positive Linear Operators VIII, 289 pages. 1972 DM 24,-; US $7.70 Vol.294: Stability of Stochastic Dynamical Systems Proceedings of the

An Exactly Soluble Model of a Many‐Fermion System

An exactly soluble model of a one‐dimensional many‐fermion system is discussed. The model has a fairly realistic interaction between pairs of fermions. An exact calculation of the momentum

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Effective action for the Yukawa2 quantum field theory

Using a rigorous version of the renormalization group we construct the effective action for theY2 model. The construction starts with integrating out the bosonic field which eliminates the large

Lecture Notes in Physics 1969–1985

In 1979 when the series celebrated its tenth anniversary I wrote: Ten years ago the series LECTURE NOTES IN PHYSICS was founded with two goals in mind: Firstly, very good lectures, especially those

Reviews of Modern Physics at 90

Journal of Statistical Mechanics: theory and experiment