Interação do Coffee ringspot virus (CoRSV) com a célula hospedeira empregando proteínas fluorescentes

  title={Interaç{\~a}o do Coffee ringspot virus (CoRSV) com a c{\'e}lula hospedeira empregando prote{\'i}nas fluorescentes},
  author={Thais Oliveira Ramalho},
Grown commercially in most tropical and subtropical countries, the world supply of coffee (Coffea arabica) is dominated by Brazil, which produces 35% of the global exports. As such, the emergence of Coffee ringspot virus (CoRSV), which is transmitted by the false spider mite Brevipalpusphoenicis, is of critical concern. CoRSV was first described in Sao Paulo state in 1938 and is tentatively classified as a member of Rhabdoviridae family, genus Nucleorhabdovirus. The CoRSV genome consists of… CONTINUE READING