Inter organ comparison of amylases and starch content in mungbean seedlings

  title={Inter organ comparison of amylases and starch content in mungbean seedlings},
  author={Narinder Kaur and Prabhdeep Kaur and Anil K. Gupta},
  journal={Acta Physiologiae Plantarum},
During seedling growth of mungbean in dark, depletion of cotyledonary starch is reflected by an increase in starch content of root and shoot. With progress of seedling growth, amylolytic activity increases in all organs i.e. cotyledons, shoots and roots. A rapid turnover of starch in shoots and roots has been proposed. Amylase activity of seedlings was in the order of cotyledons>shoots>roots. Five days after germination (DAG) α-amylase from cotyledons of mungbean seedlings was purified using… CONTINUE READING


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