Inter-frame caching for high quality terrain rendering

  title={Inter-frame caching for high quality terrain rendering},
  author={M{\aa}rten Larsson and Magnus Wrenninge and Douglas Roble},
  booktitle={SIGGRAPH '04},
At Digital Domain a terrain renderer called Terragen is currently used for creating high resolution images of procedurally generated terrain for visual effects in feature films. This is an object based renderer that generates the mesh representing the landscape by subdividing triangles and shading the triangle vertices in the process. This sketch will describe how we used and adapted a real-time technique called Real-time Optimally Adapting Meshes (ROAM) [Dushaineau et al. 1997] to generate a… 
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The main challenge when developing this tool for the production of Stealth was how to supply non-technical artists with an interactive interface that enabled them to work in a very technical modeling and shading environment.


ROAMing terrain: Real-time Optimally Adapting Meshes

This work presents an algorithm for constructing triangle meshes that optimizes flexible view-dependent error metrics, produces guaranteed error bounds, achieves specified triangle counts directly and uses frame-to-frame coherence to operate at high frame rates for thousands of triangles per frame.