Inter- and intramolecular enantioselective carbolithiation reactions

  title={Inter- and intramolecular enantioselective carbolithiation reactions},
  author={Asier G{\'o}mez-SanJuan and Nuria Sotomayor and Esther Lete},
  booktitle={Beilstein journal of organic chemistry},
In this review we summarize recent developments in inter- and intramolecular enantioselective carbolithiation reactions carried out in the presence of a chiral ligand for lithium, such as (-)-sparteine, to promote facial selection on a C=C bond. This is an attractive approach for the construction of new carbon-carbon bonds in an asymmetric fashion, with the possibility of introducing further functionalization on the molecule by trapping the reactive organolithium intermediates with… CONTINUE READING

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