Inter-DSL coordination support by combining megamodeling and model weaving

  title={Inter-DSL coordination support by combining megamodeling and model weaving},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Jouault and Bert Vanhooff and Hugo Bruneli{\`e}re and Guillaume Doux and Yolande Berbers and Jean B{\'e}zivin},
Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) advocates the use of models at every step of the software development process. Within this context, a team of engineers collectively and collaboratively contribute to a large set of interrelated models. Even if the main focus can be on a single model (e.g. a class diagram model), related elements in other models (e.g. a requirement model) often have to be considered and/or accessed. Moreover, all the involved models do not necessarily conform to the same metamodel… CONTINUE READING
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