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Inter-Colonialism: Onscreen Representations of Italian-Americans

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Waddaya Lookin' At?: Re-reading the Gangster Genre Through "The Sopranos"

"Waddaya Lookin9 At?" challenges both current thinking about the genre of the gangster film and simplistic moralizing about "The Sopranos." Establishing the gangster genre as one of five discrete

The Immediate Experience: Movies, Comics, Theatre, and Other Aspects of Popular Culture

Robert Warshow: Life And Works, By David Denby Editor's Foreword Introduction By Lionel Trilling Author's Preface PART 1: AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE 1. The Legacy of the 30's 2. Woofed With Dreams 3.

Bullets Over Hollywood: The American Gangster Picture From The Silents To ""The Sopranos""

From Scarface to White Heat, from The Godfather to The Usual Suspects, from Once Upon a Time in America to Road to Perdition, gangland on the screen remains as popular as ever.In Bullets over

Italian-Americans in Film: From Immigrants to Icons

Intoned by a solemn voice and emblazoned on millions of television screens throughout the United States, these words preceded the 1977 showing of Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather Saga (a revised