Inter‐laboratory comparison of a WDS–EDS quantitative X‐ray microanalysis of a metallic glass

  title={Inter‐laboratory comparison of a WDS–EDS quantitative X‐ray microanalysis of a metallic glass},
  author={Philippe Jonnard and François Brisset and Florence Robaut and Guillaume Wille and Jacky Ruste},
We conducted an inter-laboratory study of a metallic glass whose main component is nickel. Two determinations of the mass fractions of the different elements present within the sample were asked to the participants: one at an acceleration voltage of 15 or 20 kV and another one at 5 kV. We compare the mass fractions obtained from wavelength dispersive (WDS) and energy dispersive spectrometries (EDS) and also try to find an influence of the kind of EDS detector and its entrance window, the… CONTINUE READING

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