Intentional motor phantom limb syndrome.

  title={Intentional motor phantom limb syndrome.},
  author={Fabienne Staub and Julien Ed Bogousslavsky and Philippe Maeder and Malin Maeder-Ingvar and Eleonora Fornari and Joseph A. Ghika and François Joseph Godfried Vingerhoets and Gil Assal},
  volume={67 12},
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical and anatomic correlates of a previously unreported form of chronic supernumerary phantom limb, which developed only in association with motor intent directed at a hemiplegic-anesthetic upper limb. METHODS We explored the phenomenology of the phantom illusion in the light of motor control models. Hemodynamic correlates of supernumerary phantom limb were studied with an fMRI sensorimotor paradigm consisting of finger-thumb opposition movements. RESULTS… CONTINUE READING
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