Intentional motor phantom limb syndrome.


OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical and anatomic correlates of a previously unreported form of chronic supernumerary phantom limb, which developed only in association with motor intent directed at a hemiplegic-anesthetic upper limb. METHODS We explored the phenomenology of the phantom illusion in the light of motor control models. Hemodynamic correlates… (More)


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@article{Staub2006IntentionalMP, title={Intentional motor phantom limb syndrome.}, author={Fabienne Staub and Julien Bogousslavsky and Philippe Maeder and Malin Maeder-Ingvar and Elena Fornari and Joseph A. Ghika and François Joseph Godfried Vingerhoets and Gil Assal}, journal={Neurology}, year={2006}, volume={67 12}, pages={2140-6} }