Intensive monitoring of OJ 287

  title={Intensive monitoring of OJ 287},
  author={Tapio Pursimo and Leo O. Takalo and A. Sillanpaeae and Mark Richard Kidger and Harry J. Lehto and Jochen Heidt and Philip A. Charles and Hugh D. Aller and Margo F. Aller and Volker Beckmann and Erika Ben{\'i}tez and H. Bock and Paul Boltwood and Ulf Borgeest and Jos'e Antonio de Diego and G. de Francesco and Matthias Dietrich and Deborah Dultzin-Hacyan and Yu. S. Efimov and Matteo Fiorucci and Gabriele Ghisellini and N. Gonzalez-Perez and Mikko Hanski and Pekka Hein{\"a}m{\"a}ki and Russell Kent Honeycutt and P. A. Hughes and K. Karlamaa and S. J. Katajainen and Lewis B. G. Knee and Omar M. Kurtanidze and M. K{\"u}mmel and Dan Kuehl and Markku Lainela and Luca Lanteri and Joachim von Linde and Anne L{\"a}hteenm{\"a}ki and Mauro Maesano and T. Mahoney and Svetlana G. Marchenko and Alan Patrick Marscher and Enrico Massaro and Franco Montagni and Roberto Nesci and Maria G. Nikolashvili and Kim K. Nilsson and P. Nurmi and Heidi Pietil{\"a} and Gary Poyner and Claudia Maria Raiteri and Rami Rekola and Gotz Martin Richter and A. Riehokainen and Jeff Wayne Robertson and J. M. Rodriguez‐Espinoza and Alberto Carlo Sadun and N. M. Shakhovskoy and K. Jochen Schramm and T. Schramm and G. Sobrito and Pekka Teerikorpi and Harri Teraesranta and Merja Tornikoski and Gino Tosti and G. W. Turner and Esko Valtaoja and Mauri J. Valtonen and Massimo Villata and S. J. Wagner and John G. K. Webb and W. Weneit and Sara Wir{\'e}n},
  • Tapio Pursimo, Leo O. Takalo, +68 authors Sara Wirén
  • Published 2000
  • Physics
  • We present intensive optical, infrared, and radio monitoring observations of the BL Lac object OJ 287, taken between the years 1993-1998. Two large optical outbursts were detected at the predicted times in November 1994 and December 1995. The detection of these outbursts supports the binary black hole model for OJ 287. Optical and radio polarisation observations show large variability in the degree of polarisation and position angle, very similar to those observed during the 1983/84 outburst in… CONTINUE READING

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