Intensity dependence of Rydberg states

  title={Intensity dependence of Rydberg states},
  author={Lisa Ortmann and Cornelia Hofmann and Alexandra S. Landsman},
We investigate numerically and analytically the intensity dependence of the fraction of electrons that end up in a Rydberg state after strong-field ionization with linearly polarized light. We find that including the intensity dependent distribution of ionization times and non-adiabatic effects leads to a better understanding of experimental results. Furthermore, we observe using Classical Trajectory Monte Carlo simulations that the intensity dependence of the Rydberg yield changes with… 
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Intensity-dependent angular distribution of low-energy electrons generated by intense high-frequency laser pulse.

By solving the three-dimensional time-dependent Schrödinger equation, the angular distributions of the low-energy electrons when an intense high-frequency laser pulse is applied to the hydrogen atom sensitively depend on the laser intensity.

Frustrated tunneling ionization in the elliptically polarized strong laser fields.

The results show that the yield of frustrated tunneling ionization events exhibits an anomalous behavior which maximizes at the nonzero ellipticity, which is very similar to the previously observed ellipticity dependence of the near- and below-threshold harmonics.

Strong-Field Induced Atomic Excitation and Kinematics

Frustrated tunneling ionization (FTI) has recently been found to be an important exit channel of atomic strong-field ionization models such as the simple man’s or rescattering model if one considers

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