Intense high-energy proton beams from Petawatt-laser irradiation of solids.

  title={Intense high-energy proton beams from Petawatt-laser irradiation of solids.},
  author={R. A. Snavely and Michael H. Key and Stephen P Hatchett and Thomas E. Cowan and Markus Roth and Thomas W. Phillips and Mark A. Stoyer and E. A. Henry and T C Sangster and M. Suheshkumar Singh and Scott C. Wilks and Andrew Mackinnon and A. A. Offenberger and Deanna M. Pennington and K. Yasuike and A. Bruce Langdon and B. F. Lasinski and J. Johnson and Michael D. Perry and Emily M. Campbell},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={85 14},
An intense collimated beam of high-energy protons is emitted normal to the rear surface of thin solid targets irradiated at 1 PW power and peak intensity 3x10(20) W cm(-2). Up to 48 J ( 12%) of the laser energy is transferred to 2x10(13) protons of energy >10 MeV. The energy spectrum exhibits a sharp high-energy cutoff as high as 58 MeV on the axis of the beam which decreases in energy with increasing off axis angle. Proton induced nuclear processes have been observed and used to characterize… CONTINUE READING