IntenSelect: Using Dynamic Object Rating for Assisting 3D Object Selection


We present IntenSelect, a novel selection technique that dynamically assists the user in the selection of 3D objects in Virtual Environments. Ray-casting selection is commonly used, although it has limited accuracy and can be problematic in more difficult situations where the intended selection object is occluded or moving. Selection-byvolume techniques, which extend normal ray-casting, provide error tolerance to cope with the limited accuracy. However, these extensions generally are not usable in the more complex selection situations.We have devised a new selection-by-volume technique to create a more flexible selection technique which can be used in these situations. To achieve this, we use a new scoring function to calculate the score of objects, which fall within a user controlled, conic selection volume. By accumulating these scores for the objects, we obtain a dynamic, time-dependent, object ranking. The highest ranking object, or active object, is indicated by bending the otherwise straight selection ray towards it. As the selection ray is effectively snapped to the object, the user can now select the object more easily. Our user tests indicate that IntenSelect can improve the selection performance over ray-casting, especially in the more difficult cases of small objects. Furthermore, the introduced time-dependent object ranking proves especially useful when objects are moving, occluded and/or cluttered. Our simple scoring scheme can be easily extended for special purpose interaction such as widget or application specific interaction functionality, which creates new possibilities for complex interaction behavior.

DOI: 10.2312/EGVE/IPT_EGVE2005/201-209

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