Intelligent supply chain management system


Internet of Things aims at integrating networked information systems to real world entities. It connects objects such as smart phones, sensors, Light Emitting Diodes (LED) displays, vehicles through the internet allowing them to interact and exchange information among themselves. In today's times IoT has found its application in practically every walk of life and supply chain management is no exception. At present, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex, where suppliers and customers stretch between various countries and continents. The biggest problem faced by manufacturers is to optimize supply chain performance and reduce operational costs over such large geographical stretches. IoT acts as a solution to this problem as it facilitates the use of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) in order to interconnect all the various actors in a supply chain. This humongous network of interconnected devices generate massive amounts of data which is difficult to store and process. Cloud computing here plays a role of a facilitator and provides great help in addressing challenges related to storage and processing capabilities. In this paper, we present an Intelligent Supply Chain Management System (ISCMS) that benefits from the amalgamation of IoT and Cloud and provides real time monitoring, tracking and managing of goods from the perspective of a supplier, customer and shipper. We also propose an algorithm that depicts the working of our system. The proposed Intelligent Supply Chain Management System along with the algorithm are simulated using the iFogSim simulator. To this end, we illustrate the working of our proposed system along with the simulated results.

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