Intelligent document processing

  title={Intelligent document processing},
  author={Floriana Esposito and Stefano Ferilli and Teresa Maria Altomare Basile and Nicola Di Mauro},
  journal={Eighth International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR'05)},
  pages={1100-1104 Vol. 2}
Digital repositories raise the need for an effective and efficient retrieval of the stored material. In this paper, we propose the intensive application of intelligent techniques to the steps of document layout analysis, document image classification and understanding on digital documents. Specifically, the complex interrelation existing among layout components, that are fundamental to assign them the proper semantic role, suggest the exploitation of first-order representations in some learning… 

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Ground truth data for document image analysis Proc
  • of SDIUT'03, pp. 199-205,
  • 2003