Intelligent control for intentional islanding operation of microgrids

  title={Intelligent control for intentional islanding operation of microgrids},
  author={I. J. Balaguer and Uthane Supatti and Qin Lei and Nam-sup Choi and F. Z. Peng},
  journal={2008 IEEE International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies},
Intentional islanding describes the condition in which a microgrid, which consists of a load and a distributed generation (DG) system, is isolated from the remainder of the utility system. In this situation, it is important for the microgrid to continue to provide adequate power to the load. Under normal operation, each DG inverter system in the microgrid usually works in constant current (or constant power) control mode in order to provide a pre-set power to the main grid. When the microgrid… CONTINUE READING