Intelligent content retrieval using a visual vocabulary and geometric constraints


During the last decades multimedia processing has emerged as an important technology to retrieve content based on similar data. Moreover, recent developments in the fields of high definition (HD) multimedia content and personal content collections (personal camcorders and digital still image cameras) tend to generate a huge volume of multimedia data everyday. Thus, the need for a meaningful, quick organization and access to generated content is now more than necessary; however, it still remains a rather difficult problem to be tackled both by humans and computers. In this paper we propose an intelligent extension of traditional image analysis methodologies towards more efficient digital content retrieval. The main idea is to extend local feature extraction methodologies by introducing additional geometrical constraints in the process. The proposed approach is tested and evaluated on a number of publicly available image datasets and results are very promising.

DOI: 10.1109/FUZZY.2010.5584000

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