Intelligent and fuzzy systems applied to language & knowledge engineering

  title={Intelligent and fuzzy systems applied to language \& knowledge engineering},
  author={D. Pinto and V. Singh},
  journal={J. Intell. Fuzzy Syst.},
Language & Knowledge Engineering is a very challenging area which is essential for the development of artificial intelligence in particular and Computer Science in general. These technologies are improving all areas of our daily life whether it is related to the education, health, production industries or something else. Thus, Recent Advancements in Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems applied to Language & Knowledge Engineering are the base for the society of tomorrow. The aim of this special issue… 

Research Supervisor Recommendation System Based on Topic Conformity

The results of the advisor recommendation system can provide recommendations to students regarding the final assignment advisor who has conducted research in accordance with the topic of the student's final assignment written in Indonesian.

CPLM, a Parallel Corpus for Mexican Languages: Development and Interface

The process of building the CPLM: text searching, digitalization and alignment process, some difficulties regarding dialectal and orthographic variations, and the interface and types of searching as well as the use of filters are described.

Sexism identification in Social Networks EXIST Task proposal

This paper describes the process to try some approaches such as from feature extraction to deep learning models (BERT) in order to achieve a system that allows classifying tweets as sexist or non-sexist and disjoin them into levels.