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Intelligent Washing Machine: A Bioinspired and Multi-objective Approach

  title={Intelligent Washing Machine: A Bioinspired and Multi-objective Approach},
  author={Rasoul M. Milasi and M. R. Jamali and Caro Lucas},
In this paper, an intelligent method called BELBIC (Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller) is used to control of Locally Linear Neuro-Fuzzy Model (LOLIMOT) of Washing Machine. The Locally Linear Neuro-Fuzzy Model of Washing Machine is obtained based on previously extracted data. One of the important issues in using BELBIC is its parameters setting. On the other hand, the controller design for Washing Machine is a multi objective problem. Indeed, the two objectives, energy… 

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Fuzzy tuning of Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controllers

  • N. GarmsiriF. Najafi
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    2010 8th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation
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In the proposed methodology, a Sugeno fuzzy inference system (FIS) is applied to tune the parameters dynamically during the control procedure considering main characteristics of plant like error and its derivative.

High performance emotional intelligent controller for induction motor speed control

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Synchronization New 3D Chaotic System Using Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller

The new 3 dimensional chaotic system is firstly investigated and then utilizing an intelligent controller which based on brain emotional learning (BELBIC) is synchronized, andumerical simulation results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed method.

New Intelligent Controller for Induction Motor Speed Control

BELFBIC is an improved version of a brain emotional learning-based intelligent controller (BELBIC) controller for three-phase induction motors V/f speed control, and its performance is shown to be better than either PID or BELBIC.

Real Time Emotional Control for Anti-Swing and Positioning Control of SIMO Overhead Traveling Crane

Simulations show that learning capability, adaptation, robustness and other control concerns of this controller are comparable with conventional techniques and lead to better performance in many cases, and designer can define emotional stress signal based on control application objectives.

Real-Time Level Plant Control Using Improved BELBIC

Brain emotional learning based intelligent controller (BELBIC) is based on computational model of limbic system in the mammalian brain. In recent years, this model was applied in many linear and

A Proposition for using Mathematical Models Based on a Fuzzy System with Application

This work presents two alternative modeling approaches to find the degree of cleanness of clothes dependent on the property of inputs with concepts of the fuzzy system and applies these mathematical models on real data of Washing Machine (WM) and gets good result of both models with better accuracy when compared between models.

Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller ( BELBIC )-based Intelligent Controller via Temporal Difference ( TD ) Learning

A computational model based on the limbic system in the mammalian brain for control engineering applications, based on Temporal Difference (TD) Learning, is adapted for a simple model of a submarine.

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Numerical simulation will show that this method much better, faster and more effective than previous methods can be new 3D chaotic system mode to bring synchronized.



Intelligent modeling and control of washing machine using LLNF modeling and modified BELBIC

A neuro-fuzzy locally linear model system is used for data driven modeling of the washing machine and a neural computing technique is used, based on a mathematical model of amygdala and the limbic system, for emotional control of the machine.

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It is observed that ELFIS performs better predictions in the important regions of solar maximum, and is also a fast and efficient algorithm to enhance the performance of ANFIS predictor in both examples.

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The obtained results indicate the applicability of the proposed techniques in intelligent control of this highly nonlinear system.

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A novel controller for a power system based belbic (brain emotional learning based intelligent controller)

In this paper we report the utilization of a novel controller (BELBIC) based un emotion processing mechanism in brain for power system. Using the BELBIC controller, both transient stability and

Speed control of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor using belbic (brain emotional learning based intelligent controller)

Among ac drives, the permanent magnet synchronous motor has been gaining popularity owing to its high torque to current ratio, large power to weight ratio, high efficiency, high power factor and

Applications of fuzzy sets and approximate reasoning

It is the opinion that the subject of FLC is still very much in its infancy, and that recent events mark the beginning of an entirely new genre of "intelligent" control.

Nonlinear System Identification

This is a comprehensive book discussing several methods for the identification of nonlinear systems, ranging from linear optimization techniques to fuzzy logic and nonlinear adaptive control, and Nelles has certainly described an extensive number of results.

Modeling, design and control of a portable washing machine during the spinning cycle

  • E. PapadopoulosI. Papadimitriou
  • Engineering
    2001 IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics. Proceedings (Cat. No.01TH8556)
  • 2001
This paper presents a simplified three-dimensional dynamic model of a horizontal-axis portable washing machine. This model is used to predict the verge of walking instability during the spinning

Multi-objective Genetic Algorithms for grouping problems

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  • Computer Science
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