Intelligent Agents for Telecommunication Applications

  title={Intelligent Agents for Telecommunication Applications},
  author={Sahin Albayrak and Dirk Wieczcorek and C. B{\"a}umer and T. Magedanz and Antonio Puliafito and Orazio Tomarchio and Brendan Jennings and {\AA}ke Arvidsson and Lu{\'i}s Moura Silva and Paulo Sim{\~o}es and Guilherme Soares and Paulo Martins and Victor Batista and Carlos Renato and Leonor Almeida and Norbert Stohr and Damianos Gavalas and Dominic Greenwood and Mohammed Ghanbari and Mike O’Mahony and Karsten Bsufka and Stefan Holst and Torge Schmidt and Mihai Barbuceanu and Tom Gray and Serge Mankowski and Danny Jacxsens and Bart Bauwens and Sang-Bum Park and Steffen Lipperts and Birgit Kreller and Bj{\"o}rn Schiemann and Ramiro Liscano and Katherine Baker and Roger Impey and Eleutherios Athanassiou and Peter Barrett and Delia Chirichescu and Marie-Pierre Gleizes and Pierre Glize and Dimitrios Katsoulas and Alain L{\'e}ger and Jos{\'e} Ignacio Moreno and Hans Schlenker},
  booktitle={Lecture Notes in Computer Science},
This paper describes the JIAC (Java Intelligent Agent Componentware) architecture, an open and scalable agent architecture. The telecommunication market of today being in continuos expansion is in need of a platform to access the resulting growing demands. JIAC provides an agent based platform to meet those demands of the telecommunication applications. Agent oriented techniques are considered the adequate solution for the maintenance of networks and the provisioning of services. JIAC is using… CONTINUE READING