Intelligence: A gender bender

  title={Intelligence: A gender bender},
  author={Steve Blinkhorn},
The conclusion of a number-crunching exercise on various data sets is that male university students have significantly higher IQs than their female counterparts. But the methodology used is deeply flawed. 

Is there a sex difference in IQ scores? (Reply)

Irwing and Lynn explicitly claim to have identified a sex difference in IQ among university students1. They now counter2 my criticism3 of the flawed methodology upon which their conclusions are based

Intelligence: Is there a sex difference in IQ scores?

It is believed that the principal error of Blinkhorn's criticism is that he does not consider the result in the context of several other studies showing that adult males have an IQ advantage of around 4–6 IQ points.

The role of height in the sex difference in intelligence.

The correlation between height and IQ and the female advantage in intelligence persist even after the authors control for health as a measure of genetic quality, as well as physical attractiveness, age, race, education, and earnings.

Scans suggest IQ scores reflect brain structure

Research results reignite intelligence controversy and highlight the need to understand more fully the rationale behind the claims and counter-claims made in the intelligence assessments.



Sex differences in means and variability on the progressive matrices in university students: a meta-analysis.

A meta-analysis of 22 studies of sex differences in university students of means and variances on the Progressive Matrices disconfirm the frequent assertion that there is no sex difference in the mean but that males have greater variability.

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University faculty members may call for Larry Summers to step down as US treasury secretary.