Intellectuals and Society

  title={Intellectuals and Society},
  author={Thomas Sowell},
This title offers a withering and clear-eyed critique about (but not for) intellectuals that explores their impact on public opinion, policy, and society at large. It has not been by shaping the opinions or directing the actions of the holders of power that modern intellectuals have most influenced the course of events, but by shaping public opinion in ways that affect the actions of power holders in democratic societies, whether or not those power holders accept the general vision or the… Expand
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How Intellectuals Censor the Intellect: (Mis-)Representation of Traditional History and its Consequences
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The Catholic Intellectual Tradition and its Dynamics
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Selfishness, Greed and Capitalism
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Complexity and Technocracy: The Hayekian Critique of Neoclassical Law & Economics
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Selfishness, Greed and Capitalism: Debunking Myths About the Free Market
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Introduction: Italian Intellectuals and International Politics
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New Modes of Intellectual Life in the Network Society
NEW MODES OF INTELLECTUAL LIFE IN NETWORK SOCIETY Jessica R. Lang, Ph.D. George Mason University, 2015 Dissertation Director: Dr. Hugh Gusteron This dissertation examines the Anonymous network, asExpand