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Intellectual Property Rights and Industry Evolution: The Case of the Recorded Music Industry

  title={Intellectual Property Rights and Industry Evolution: The Case of the Recorded Music Industry},
  author={Joseph Lampel and Ajay Bhalla and Pushkar P. Jha},
Intellectual property rights are often the mainstay of industry structure in industries where the value of products is strongly dependent on technological innovation and the creation of new content. However, producing novel intellectual property and then ensuring adequate returns on investment is subject to uncertainties such as new technologies, change in property rights regimes, and illegal reproduction. These uncertainties often create threats that impact industry evolution. Faced with… 
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Creative industries and the IPR dilemma between appropriation and creation: some insights from the videogame and music industries
La propriete intellectuelle (PI) joue un role strategique dans les industries creatives ou la creativite est un processus collectif impliquant des acteurs aux interets contradictoires, conduisant a
Adopting a Business Model View to Study Industry Change: The Case of the French Record Industry
Dans cet article, nous utilisons le concept de business model pour etudier l'evolution de l'industrie phonographique entre 1998 et 2008. Cette approche nous permet de decrire la facon dont une
Influence Factors in The Player in Th The Em
  • 2018


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2006.Copyright Protection for Digitally Delivered Music: A Global Affair
  • Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal,
  • 2006