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Intellectual Activity in a Political Context

  title={Intellectual Activity in a Political Context},
  author={Karl M. Brunner},
Herman Hesse’s last book, The Glass Bead Game, explores an old dream. Intellectuals pursue their activities in some indefinite future protected and separated from the “world” engrossed with its narrow interests. Resources are somehow supplied to the vast establishments constituting the intellectual order. This social allocation occurs (miraculously) without exposure to the game of power and wealth associated with such decisions in the political process. Alas, this is not our world, and men will… 



Equality and efficiency, the big tradeoff

Contemporary American society has the look of a split-level structure. Its political and social institutions distribute rights and privileges universally and proclaim the equality of all citizens.

Essays in Positive Economics

"Stimulating, provocative, often infuriating, but well worth reading."—Peter Newman, Economica "His critical blast blows like a north wind against the more pretentious erections of modern economics.

A Monetary and Fiscal Framework for Economic Stability

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the problems of the day were of a kind that led economists to concentrate on the allocation of resources and, to a lesser extent, economic growth, and

Liquidity Traps for Money, Bank Credit, and Interest Rates

Few conclusions about economic events have been repeated as frequently or have had as much influence on economists' attitudes toward monetary policy as the assertion that the monetary system of the

The link Between Money and Prices — 1971-76

The validity of this view, or at least its usefulness, rests on the issue of whether or not its predictions are consistent with the evidence.l The purpose of this exercise is to subject the

Rights and Production Functions: An Application to Labor Managed Firms and Codetermination

It is traditional in the theory of the firm to define the production opportunity set available to the firm in terms of its boundary the maximum attainable set of output quantities for various input

The effects of the new energy regime on economic capacity, production, and prices

11’ HE quadrupling of OPEC oil prices in late 1973 and early 1974 had a profound and permanent impact on the U.S. economy. The initial impact was an explosion in the prices of most goods and

The “monetarist revolution” in monetary theory

ZusammenfassungDie «monetaristische Revolution» in der Geldtheorie. — Vier Hauptgedanken konstituieren die monetaristische Hypothese: (a) die preistheoretische ErklÄrung des Transmissionsmechanismus,