Intel 8080 CPU Chip Development

  title={Intel 8080 CPU Chip Development},
  author={Stanley Mazor},
  journal={IEEE Annals of the History of Computing},
  • S. Mazor
  • Published 1 April 2007
  • Art, Computer Science
  • IEEE Annals of the History of Computing
Within a year of the introduction of Intel's first 8-bit CPU chip, the 8008, in April 1972, the author was working on the design specification for a faster and more capable CPU chip, the 8080. Here, the author describes the development of the 8080 chip that helped launch the personal computer industry. The author also addresses two common complaints about the 8080's architecture - its lack of register symmetry and the absence of an index register. 

Intel's 8086

  • S. Mazor
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Ann. Hist. Comput.
  • 2010
Intel advertised its new CPU chip for PC and laptop computers in 1993 as the Intel Pentium processor. This chip was the fifth generation (586) evolved from the original 8086 chip, developed in 1976.

Moore's law, microcomputer, and me

  • S. Mazor
  • Computer Science
    IEEE Solid-State Circuits Magazine
  • 2009
The author gives his views on Moore's law and focus on the role of applications engineering in developing Intel's first microcomputer.

A Software Development Kit and Translation Layer for Executing Intel 8080 Assembler on a Quantum Computer (August 2022)

A Software Development Kit (SDK), translation layer, emulator, and a framework of techniques for executing Intel 8080/Z80 assembler on a quantum computer provides a novel means of displaying the equivalency and interoperability of quantum and classical computers.



A History of Microprocessor Development at Intel

In its first decude, the ''computer on a chip'' has achieved power, applicability, and pervasiveness unimagined even by its developers.

The history of the microcomputer-invention and evolution

Two "microcomputers" 10 years ahead of "schedule" are developed by scaling down the requirements and using a few other "tricks" described in this paper.

THE MCS-4 - An LSI micro computer system [reprint]

This paper describes this new micro-computer set, highlighting the system partitioning and the basic CPU hardware instruction set.

Intel Microprocessors–8008 to 8086

A mere six years of microprocessor evolution have yielded a three-orders-of-magnitude performance improvement, according to researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

An N-channel 8-bit single chip microprocessor

This paper will describe a chip employing 5000 components, discuss a 90% reduction in execution time compared to PMOS designs, and also compare circuit features with existing P-channel approaches.

Silicon-gate technology

Recent progress with silicon-gate technology is reviewed and its application to the construction of complex digital functions as illustrated by a memory circuit is shown.

A look at future costs of large integrated arrays

The motivation for the electronics industry to proceed to higher level integration is reviewed, and in particular the cost implications of large scale integration are discussed.

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