Integrin switching regulates normal trophoblast invasion.

  title={Integrin switching regulates normal trophoblast invasion.},
  author={C H Damsky and Clifford Librach and Kee Hak Lim and Marilyn L. Fitzgerald and Michael T Mcmaster and Mary J. Janatpour and Yunli Zhou and Susan K Logan and Susan J. Fisher},
  volume={120 12},
Cells invade extracellular matrices in a regulated manner at specific times and places during normal development. A dramatic example is trophoblast invasion of the uterine wall. Previous studies have shown that differentiation of trophoblasts to an invasive phenotype is accompanied by temporally and spatially regulated switching of their integrin repertoire. In the first trimester human placenta, alpha 6 integrins are restricted to cytotrophoblast (CTB) stem cells and downregulated in invasive… CONTINUE READING
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