Integrin-associated protein is a ligand for the P84 neural adhesion molecule.

  title={Integrin-associated protein is a ligand for the P84 neural adhesion molecule.},
  author={Peng Jiang and Carl F. Lagenaur and Vasudha Narayanan},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={274 2},
P84 (also known as SHPS-1, BIT, and SIRP) is a heterophilic adhesive membrane protein involved in receptor tyrosine kinase signaling that is found at synapses in the mammalian central nervous system and in non-neural tissues. We have identified a binding partner for P84 using an expression cloning strategy. Here we report that integrin-associated protein (IAP/CD47) is a predominant binding partner of P84. Immunohistochemistry reveals a virtually identical distribution of P84 and IAP in a… CONTINUE READING


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