Integrin alpha6 is involved in follicular growth in mice.

  title={Integrin alpha6 is involved in follicular growth in mice.},
  author={Kayoko Nakamura and Hiroshi Fujiwara and Toshihiro Higuchi and Tadashi Honda and Takahiro Nakayama and Noriyuki Kataoka and Kiyohide Fujita and Masamichi Ueda and Michiyuki Maeda and Takahide Mori},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={235 3},
We previously reported that integrin alpha6 is expressed on granulosa cells in the inner layers of the human and porcine ovarian follicles, where granulosa cells have no direct contact with basal lamina. In this study, we examined the physiological role of integrin alpha6 on follicular growth with an immature superovulated mice model using the anti-integrin alpha6 monoclonal antibody, GoH3. In the ovaries of 9- to 20-day-old mice, integrin alpha6 was detected on all the layers of granulosa… CONTINUE READING