Integrative self-sorting: construction of a cascade-stoppered hetero[3]rotaxane.


In this Communication, a competing self-sorting system containing benzo-21-crown-7, dibenzo-24-crown-8 and two secondary ammonium salts is constructed, which is then modified to achieve a hetero[3]pseudorotaxane with a specific sequence of wheels. With these two systems, we successfully demonstrate the concept of integrative self-sorting, and their relation. Furthermore, based on this self-sorting scheme, a hetero[3]rotaxane with an efficient stopper cascade has been synthesized.

DOI: 10.1021/ja806009d

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@article{Jiang2008IntegrativeSC, title={Integrative self-sorting: construction of a cascade-stoppered hetero[3]rotaxane.}, author={Wei W. Cindy Jiang and Henrik D F Winkler and Christoph A. Schalley}, journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society}, year={2008}, volume={130 42}, pages={13852-3} }