Integrative Bioethics: A Conceptually Inconsistent Project

  title={Integrative Bioethics: A Conceptually Inconsistent Project},
  author={Viktor Ivankovi{\'c} and Lovro Savi{\'c}},
  journal={Public Health Law \& Policy eJournal},
This article provides a critical evaluation of the central components of Integrative Bioethics, a project aiming at a bioethical framework reconceptualization. Its proponents claim that this new system of thought has developed a better bioethical methodology than mainstream Western bioethics, a claim that we criticize here. We deal especially with the buzz words of Integrative Bioethics - pluriperspectivism, integrativity, orientational knowledge, as well as with its underlying theory of moral… 
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Against the integrative turn in bioethics: burdens of understanding
It is claimed that if Integrative Bioethics wants to successfully replace the two existing paradigms, it at least needs to properly address and surmount the lack of common moral vocabulary problem, which points to a semantic incommensurability due to cross-language communication in moral terms.
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From integrative bioethics to pseudoscience.
Although presented as a project that promises to deal with moral dilemmas created by modern science and technology, integrative bioethics does not contain the slightest normativity or action-guiding capacity.
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  • 2005