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Integration with filters

  title={Integration with filters},
  author={Emanuele Bottazzi and Monroe Eskew},
We introduce a notion of integration defined from filters over families of finite sets. This procedure corresponds to determining the average value of functions whose range lies in any algebraic structure in which finite averages make sense. The average values so determined lie in a proper extension of the range of the original functions. The most relevant scenario involves algebraic structures that extend the field of rational numbers; hence, it is possible to associate to the filter integral… 


Extensions of Measure.
  • H. M. Macneille
  • Mathematics
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America
  • 1938
Introduction.-One of the elementary applications of measure theory is, using two dimensional terminology, the determination of areas in the Euclidean plane. Initially, area is defined only for
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Let (X, (!, v) be an internal measure space in a denumerably comprehensive enlargement. The set X is a standard measure space when equipped with the smallest standard o'algebra Xi containing the
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In a recent paper [10], Peter A. Loeb showed how to convert non-standard measure spaces into standard ones and gave applications to probability theory. We apply these results to Brownian Motion and
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Grid functions of nonstandard analysis in the theory of distributions and in partial differential equations
  • E. Bottazzi
  • Mathematics, Physics
    Advances in Mathematics
  • 2019