Integration strategies for using virtual patients in clinical clerkships.

  title={Integration strategies for using virtual patients in clinical clerkships.},
  author={Norman B Berman and Leslie Fall and Sherilyn Smith and David A. Levine and Christopher G. Maloney and Michael Potts and Benjamin Siegel and Lynn Foster-Johnson},
  journal={Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges},
  volume={84 7},
PURPOSE To explore students' perceptions of virtual patient use in the clinical clerkship and develop a framework to evaluate effects of different integration strategies on students' satisfaction and perceptions of learning effectiveness with this innovation. METHOD A prospective, multiinstitutional study was conducted at six schools' pediatric clerkships to assess the impact of integrating Web-based virtual patient cases on students' perceptions of their learning during 2004-2005 and 2005… CONTINUE READING

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