Integration of the K-12 LGBTQI Student Population in School Counselor Education Curricula: The Current State of Affairs

  title={Integration of the K-12 LGBTQI Student Population in School Counselor Education Curricula: The Current State of Affairs},
  author={Melissa M. Luke and Kristopher M. Goodrich and Janna L. Scarborough},
  journal={Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling},
  pages={101 - 80}
A national survey of 123 school counselor educators investigated how participants integrated K–12 lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning, intersex (LGBTQI) students’ needs and concerns into school counseling curricula. Results indicated 91.9% of participants integrated the K–12 LGBTQI students’ needs and concerns for a median pedagogical duration of one, 3-hour session within a single course, focusing on students’ knowledge and awareness of gender and sexual/affectual orientation… Expand
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Bridges, barriers, and boundaries.
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