Integration of four genes, a pseudogene, thirty-one STSs, and a highly polymorphic STRP into the 7–10 Mb YAC contig of 5q34–q35

  title={Integration of four genes, a pseudogene, thirty-one STSs, and a highly polymorphic STRP into the 7–10 Mb YAC contig of 5q34–q35},
  author={Markus Kostrzewa and Deborah L. Grady and Robert K. Moyzis and Lars Fl{\"o}ter and Ulrich M{\"u}ller},
  journal={Human Genetics},
Thirty-one sequence tagged sites and a highly polymorphic short tandem repeat polymorphism have been isolated from 5q34–q35 and integrated into the yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) contig of 5q34–q35. In addition, four genes (MSX2, CSX, DRDI, andCLI00) and a pseudogene (GLUT6) were localized on this map. The high density of new markers in the region allowed further refinement of the YAC contig of distal 5q. This is a prerequisite for the conversion of this YAC into a cosmid contig. 


Construction of a YAC contig and a STS map spanning at least seven megabasepairs in chromosome 5q34-35.
This map of overlapping clones and the set of densely spaced physical markers will promote the understanding of the 5q34-35 region and its associated genes.
A YAC contig of approximately 3 Mb from human chromosome 5q31-->q33.
This contig and clones derived from it will be useful substrates in selecting candidate cDNAs for the disease loci in this interval, including those involved in autosomal dominant limb-girdle muscular dystrophy, diastrophic dysplasia, Treacher Collins syndrome, and myeloid disorders associated with the 5q- syndrome.
A physical map of 15 loci on human chromosome 5q23-q33 by two-color fluorescence in situ hybridization.
A framework map, genomic clones, and contig expansion within 5q23-q33 should provide valuable resources for the eventual isolation of the clinically relevant loci that reside in this region.
A second-generation linkage map of the human genome
A linkage map of the human genome has been constructed based on the segregation analysis of 814 newly characterized polymorphic loci containing short tracts of (C-A)n repeats in a panel of DNAs from
An integrated physical map of human chromosome 16.
We describe an integrated physical, genetic and cytogenetic map of human chromosome 16 comprising both a low-resolution megaYAC map and a high-resolution cosmid contig/miniYAC map, which provides
2.6 Mb YAC contig of the human X inactivation center region in Xq13: physical linkage of the RPS4X, PHKA1, XIST and DXS128E genes.
A refined mapping of the XIC-containing region is presented, using the breakpoint of a late replicating rearranged X (rea(X)), and the initial characterization of a set of 40 yeast artificial chromosomes (YACs) derived from the X IC-containing area is presented.
A YAC contig encompassing the Treacher Collins syndrome critical region at 5q31.3-32.
The results of the present investigation have allowed us to confirm that the RPS14 locus lies proximal to the critical region and can thereby be excluded from a role in the pathogenesis of TCOF1, while ANX6 lies within the T COF1critical region and remains a potential candidate for the mutated gene.
Assignment of a gene locus involved in craniosynostosis to chromosome 5qter.
The findings assign the craniosynostotic locus in this family to a telomeric region in the long arm of chromosome 5, a locus defined by the short tandem repeat polymorphism (STRP) marker Mfd 154 in distal 5q.