Integration of Utility Grid with Hybrid Generation for Power Quality Conditioning Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer

  title={Integration of Utility Grid with Hybrid Generation for Power Quality Conditioning Using Dynamic Voltage Restorer},
  author={Ravi Dharavath and I. Jacob Raglend},
  journal={International Journal of Renewable Energy Research},
The intermittent natures of renewable energy sources are influencing the system parameter while integrated with the power system. The switching of the load also influences the system and May causes the power quality issues such as voltage Sag, Swell, voltage interruption and voltage spikes. Getting the smoothening power and meeting the peak demand is the greatest challenge in the current scenario. The necessary and sufficient power is provided with the use of integration of renewable sources… 
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An attempt has been made to provide supply quality in the distribution system with the integration of a renewable energy farm using Artificial Neural Network (ANN)-based DC link STATCOM control of distribution.
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A DVR based on a single phase ac-ac converter with versatile mode of operations is introduced to overcome aforementioned problems of voltage dip, voltage surge, harmonics and poor voltage regulation in distribution systems.


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  • A. Shahid
  • Engineering
    2016 IEEE International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications (ICRERA)
  • 2016
A micro-power system is a cluster of renewable or non-conventional green energy based micro-power sources for short range power supply. These sources can operate in either grid connected or in
Srf Theory Revisited” To Control Self-Supported Dynamic Voltage Restorer (Dvr) For Unbalanced And Nonlinear Loads
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Self-tuned fuzzy-proportional–integral compensated zero/minimum active power algorithm based dynamic voltage restorer
The results show the effectiveness of the adopted control scheme in DVR application to mitigate the voltage sag and a novel fuzzy-proportional–integral based self-tuned control methodology is implemented in the proposed work.
Dual $P$- $Q$ Theory Based Energy-Optimized Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power Quality Improvement in a Distribution System
The proposed algorithm adapts energy-optimized series voltage compensation, which results in a reduction of energy storage requirement and model-based computer simulation studies and real-time experimental results validate the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm.
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New Decentralized Control Scheme for a Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on the Elliptical Trajectory Compensation
A novel decentralized control for a dynamic voltage restorer to deal with its captivity by improving the voltage quality of loads by controlling the magnitude and the phase angle of the injected voltage to accomplish low-voltage ride-through.