Integration of Single and Multicellular Wound Responses

  title={Integration of Single and Multicellular Wound Responses},
  author={Andrew G. Clark and Ann L Miller and Emily M. Vaughan and H E Yu and Rhiannon R Penkert and William M. Bement},
  journal={Current Biology},
Single cells and multicellular tissues rapidly heal wounds. These processes are considered distinct, but one mode of healing--Rho GTPase-dependent formation and closure of a purse string of actin filaments (F-actin) and myosin-2 around wounds--occurs in single cells and in epithelia. Here, we show that wounding of one cell in Xenopus embryos elicits Rho GTPase activation around the wound and at the nearest cell-cell junctions in the neighbor cells. F-actin and myosin-2 accumulate at the… CONTINUE READING

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