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Integration of Renewable Generators in Synthetic Electric Grids for Dynamic Analysis

  title={Integration of Renewable Generators in Synthetic Electric Grids for Dynamic Analysis},
  author={Yijing Liu and Zeyu Mao and Hanyue Li and Komal S. Shetye and Thomas J. Overbye},
This paper presents a method to better integrate dynamic models for renewable resources into synthetic electric grids. An automated dynamic models assignment process is proposed for wind and solar generators. A realistic composition ratio for different types of wind turbine generators (WTG) is assigned to each wind generator. Statistics summarized from real electric grid data form the bases in assigning proper models with reasonable parameters to each WTG. A similar process is used to assign… 

Modeling and Analysis of Cascading Failures in Large-Scale Power Grids

This work presents results on the dynamic modeling and analysis of cascading failures in large-scale electric grids. In this study, cascading outages are simulated using a 2000-bus synthetic grid

Transmission-Distribution Dynamic Co-simulation of Electric Vehicles Providing Grid Frequency Response

This paper investigates the impacts of electric vehicles (EVs) on power system frequency regulation based on an open-source transmission-and-distribution (T&D) dynamic co-simulation framework. The

A Comprehensive Survey on the Impact of Renewable Energy Sources in Power System Operation and Control

The concern for huge increasing electricity demand, fossil fuel depletion, developed infrastructure reliability, carbon footprint reduction insisted the power utility companies to uptake RES

Case Study of Enhancing the MATPOWER Polish Electric Grid

The MATPOWER Polish systems are several power system test cases that are created using the real power system of Poland circa 2000. However, dynamic model parameters and geographic coordinates were



Generic Dynamic Models for Modeling Wind Power Plants and Other Renewable Technologies in Large-Scale Power System Studies

With the tremendous growth of wind power worldwide in the past decade, there has been an equally great demand for simplified, standard, and publicly available models for simulating wind power

Creation of Synthetic Electric Grid Models for Transient Stability Studies

—Transient stability is the ability of power systems to maintain synchronism when subjected to a severe transient disturbance. Test systems are widely used in power system transient stability area

Modeling, Tuning, and Validating System Dynamics in Synthetic Electric Grids

This paper aims to extend synthetic network base cases for transient stability studies by proposing an automated algorithm to assign appropriate models and parameters to each synthetic generator, according to fuel type, generation capacity, and statistics summarized from actual system cases.

Validation of Wind Power Plant Dynamic Models

Wind energy will continue to grow at a rapid pace and will provide an increasingly large portion of the total electricity generation. To achieve its full potential, the industry needs adequate

Impact of large wind power generation on frequency stability

This paper explores the available control options for enabling wind power generation plants to participate on the maintenance of system frequency following a major power imbalance. Taking the

Dynamic Study Model for the interconnected power system of Continental Europe in different simulation tools

This paper describes the development process of the Dynamic Study Model (DSM) for the synchronously interconnected power system of Continental Europe in different simulation tools1. The model was

Time in the Sun: The Challenge of High PV Penetration in the German Electric Grid

Energy supply systems are facing significant changes in many countries around the globe. A good example of such a transformation is the German power system, where renewable energy sources (RESs) are

Metric development for evaluating inertia's locational impacts on system primary frequency response

Several metrics are developed to effectively quantify the impacts of resource inertia on power system dynamic performances and synthetic electric grid models are used to investigate inertia's impacts and their locational dependence.

Evaluation of Performance Metrics for Electric Grid Operational Scenarios

Today's power grid infrastructure is evolving faster than ever, as is its complexity. To effectively address the challenges of grid modernization, upcoming power engineers need more first-hand,

Dynamic IEEE Test Systems for Transient Analysis

This paper defines dynamic machine models along with their parameters for each IEEE test bed system, thus producing full dynamic models for all test systems.