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Integration of Planning with Plan Recognition Using Classical Planners (Extended Abstract)

  title={Integration of Planning with Plan Recognition Using Classical Planners (Extended Abstract)},
  author={Richard Gabriel Freedman and Alex S. Fukunaga},
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Intelligent Disobedience and AI Rebel Agents in Assistive Robotics
This paper provides a comparative discussion about two recent papers and how they together create a more comprehensive framework for assistive robots that can override commands.
Using General-Purpose Planning for Action Selection in Human-Robot Interaction
This work describes the recent work on automated planning for task-based social interaction, using a robot that must interact with multiple humans in a bartending domain.
Safety in AI-HRI: Challenges Complementing User Experience Quality
Challenges that will need to be addressed in safe AIHRI are identified and an overview of approaches to consider are provided, many stemming from the contemporary research.
Integrating Planning and Recognition to Close the Interaction Loop
A framework that integrates these processes by taking advantage of features shared between them is proposed, which can be risky in real-time situations where there may be enough time to only run a few steps.