Integration of Open Source Arduino with LabVIEW-based SCADA through OPC for Application in Industry 4.0 and Smart Grid Scenarios

  title={Integration of Open Source Arduino with LabVIEW-based SCADA through OPC for Application in Industry 4.0 and Smart Grid Scenarios},
  author={Isa{\'i}as Gonz{\'a}lez P{\'e}rez and A. Godoy and M. Godoy},
Modern innovative concepts around Digital Information and Communication Technologies (DICTs), like Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things or Smart Grids, are impacting the scientific and technological worlds and, hence, in control and automation arenas. These trends involve networked interconnection and continuous data flow between a number of hardware and software actors. In parallel, open source technology has gained increasing attention from last years, especially due to the widespread… Expand
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