Integration of 8051 With DSP in Xilinx FPGA

  title={Integration of 8051 With DSP in Xilinx FPGA},
  author={Ahmad Jamal Salim and Masuri Othman and Mohd. Alauddin Mohd. Ali},
  journal={2006 IEEE International Conference on Semiconductor Electronics},
This paper describes the integration of an 8-bit 8051 processor core with a general purpose 16-bit fixed-point digital signal processor core using the Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA. [] Key Method The chip was designed using Verilog and developed in the Xilinx ISE Version 6.3i. Simulation was done in the ModelSim XE II Version 5.8c. The program development and circuit implementation of the chip demonstrated herein that simple ubiquitous tools like Visual Basic, a spreadsheet program, an 8051 assembler, Xilinx ISE and…
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OpenDSP in Xilinx FPGA

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The implementation of a 16-bit fixed-point DSP chip using the Xilinx Virtex-II FPGA and the FFT and IFFT algorithms were developed, implemented and tested to successfully work at a typical clock speed of 40 MHz and up to a maximum of 80 MHz.

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  • Computer Science
    30th Annual Frontiers in Education Conference. Building on A Century of Progress in Engineering Education. Conference Proceedings (IEEE Cat. No.00CH37135)
  • 2000
UV151 is a software tool developed for teaching/learning the 8051 microcontroller in the laboratory and/or the classroom that includes an assembler, a multimicro simulator, a logic analyzer, and an assistant and is suitable for learning nearly everything about the microcontroller.

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