Integration des E-Learning-Programmes EGONE in das Blockpraktikum der Gynäkologie/Geburtshilfe

  title={Integration des E-Learning-Programmes EGONE in das Blockpraktikum der Gyn{\"a}kologie/Geburtshilfe},
  author={Laura Weninger and Hubert Liebhardt and Stephanie Brachmann and Dominic Varga and Ziad Atassi and Achim W{\"o}ckel and J{\"o}rg Michael Fegert and U. Haller and Rolf Kreienberg},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Evidenz, Fortbildung und Qualit{\"a}t im Gesundheitswesen},
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Effective e-learning for health professionals and students--barriers and their solutions. A systematic review of the literature--findings from the HeXL project.
It is argued that librarians can play an important role in e-learning: providing support and support materials; teaching information skills; managing and providing access to online information resources; producing their own e- learning packages; assisting in the development of other packages.
The impact of E-learning in medical education.
  • J. Ruiz, M. Mintzer, R. Leipzig
  • Education, Computer Science
    Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges
  • 2006
The authors provide an introduction to e-learning and its role in medical education by outlining key terms, the components of e-learning, the evidence for its effectiveness, faculty development needs
Web‐based Learning: Sound Educational Method or Hype? A Review of the Evaluation Literature
This paper reviews the medical, dental, and nursing WBL evaluation literature to identify which facets of WBL have been evaluated, describe the evaluation strategies used, synthesize the findings, and discuss educational implications and future research directions.
Web based learning
It is vital that teachers take on expert help with technical issues in the planning, design, and delivery of web based learning programmes.
Ulmer Qualitätskriterienkatalog für medizinische Lernprogramme
Der "Ulmer Qualitätskriterienkatalog für medizinische Lernprogramme" wurde in Anlehnung an den "Qualitätskriterienkatalog für elektronische Publikationen in der Medizin" der deutschen Gesellschaft