Integration between X-Band Radar and Buoy Sea State Monitoring

  title={Integration between X-Band Radar and Buoy Sea State Monitoring},
  author={Giovanni Ludeno and Ferdinando Reale and Francesco Raffa and Fabio Dentale and Francesco Soldovieri and Eugenio Pugliese Carratelli and Francesco Serafino},
  journal={Journal of Coastal Research},
  pages={1358 - 1366}
ABSTRACT Ludeno, G.; Reale, F.; Raffa, F.; Dentale, F.; Soldovieri, F.; Carratelli, E.P., and Serafino, F., 2018. Integration between X-band radar and buoy sea state monitoring. This article presents the results of an integrated buoy and X-band radar sea state monitoring activity carried out on the southern coast of Sicily. The work involved the integration of buoy and radar data, as well as the simultaneous acquisition of significant wave height (SWH) values from two similar radar sets located…