Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces with exponential weight

  title={Integration Operators on Bergman Spaces with exponential weight},
  author={Milutin R. Dostanic},
  journal={Revista Matematica Iberoamericana},
  • M. Dostanic
  • Published 31 August 2007
  • Mathematics
  • Revista Matematica Iberoamericana
Function and Operator Theory on Large Bergman spaces
[eng] The theory of Bergman spaces has been a central subject of study in complex analysis during the past decades. The book [7] by S. Bergman contains the first systematic treat-ment of the Hilbert
Solid hulls and cores of weighted $$H^\infty $$H∞-spaces
We determine the solid hull and solid core of weighted Banach spaces $$H_v^\infty $$Hv∞ of analytic functions functions f such that v|f| is bounded, both in the case of the holomorphic functions on
  • Mathematics
  • 2017
We determine the solid hull and solid core of weighted Banach spaces H∞ v of analytic functions functions f such that v|f | is bounded, both in the case of the holomorphic functions on the disc and
Weighted composition operators on Bergman spaces Aωp$A^p_\omega$
Let ϕ be an analytic self‐map of the open unit disk D$\mathbb {D}$ , and let u be an analytic function on D$\mathbb {D}$ . The weighted composition operator induced by ϕ with weight u is given by
Some Closed Range Integral Operators on Spaces of Analytic Functions
Our main result is a characterization of g for which the operator $${S_g(f)(z) = \int_0^z f'(w)g(w)\, dw}$$ is bounded below on the Bloch space. We point out analogous results for the Hardy space H2
Solid hulls of weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions on the unit disc with exponential weights
The research of Bonet was partially supported by the projects MTM2013-43540-P and MTM2016-76647-P. This paper was completed during the Bonet's stay at the Katholische Universitat Eichstatt-Ingolstadt
Bergman spaces with exponential type weights
  • H. Arroussi
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Inequalities and Applications
  • 2021
For 1 ≤ p < ∞ $1\le p<\infty $ , let A ω p $A^{p}_{\omega }$ be the weighted Bergman space associated with an exponential type weight ω satisfying ∫ D | K z ( ξ ) | ω ( ξ ) 1 / 2 d A ( ξ ) ≤ C ω ( z
Mapping Properties of Weighted Bergman Projection Operators on Reinhardt Domains
We show that on smooth complete Reinhardt domains, weighted Bergman projection operators corresponding to exponentially decaying weights are unbounded on $L^p$ spaces for all $p\not=2$. On the other


Theory of Bergman Spaces
Preliminary Text. Do not use. 15 years ago the function theory and operator theory connected with the Hardy spaces was well understood (zeros; factorization; interpolation; invariant subspaces;
A Tauberian Theorem for Partitions
based on the transformation theory of the elliptic modular functions. Later researches have tended in the direction of a still deeper study of particular problems, culminating in the exact formulae
Integration operators on Bergman spaces
Let ${\bold D}$ denote the unit disk in the complex plane and let $m$ be the area Lebesgue measure on ${\bold D}$. Given a positive integrable function $w$ (a weight) on ${\bold D}$, let $L^p_{\rm
THEORY OF BERGMAN SPACES (Graduate Texts in Mathematics 199) By HAAKAN HEDENMALM, BORIS KORENBLUM and KEHE ZHU: 286 pp., £37.50, ISBN 0-387-98791-6 (Springer, New York, 2000).
through sequences of exercises, culminating in some substantial results. One can recommend as a taster the exercises leading to the triviality of K0 of the Cuntz algebra O2 in Chapter 4. Another
An integral operator on $H\sp p$
Let g be an analytic function on the unit disk D . We study the operator on the Hardy spaces Hp . We show that Tg is bounded on Hp , 1 ≤ p < ∞ it and only if g ∊ BMOA and compact if and only if g ∊
Imbedding theorems for weighted classes of harmonic and analytic functions. Investigations on linear operators and the theory of functions, V. Zap.Nauč
  • Sem. Lenningrad. Otdel. Math. Inst. Steklov. (LOMI)
  • 1974