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Integration FCM-RBFN with Butterworth Noise Filteration Frequency for Isotonic Muscle Fatigue Analysis

  title={Integration FCM-RBFN with Butterworth Noise Filteration Frequency for Isotonic Muscle Fatigue Analysis},
  author={Nur Shidah Ahmad Sharawardi and Yun-Huoy Choo and Shin-Horng Chong and N. Mohamad},
In sport training, fatigue prediction using surface electromyography analysis is manually monitored by human coach. Decisions rely very much on experience. Hence, the endurance training plan for an athlete needs to be individually designed by an experienced coach. The pre-designed training plan suits the athlete fitness state in general, but not in real time. Real-time muscle monitoring and feedback help in understanding every fitness states throughout the training to optimise muscle… CONTINUE READING

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