Integrating the Probabilistic Models BM25/BM25F into Lucene

  title={Integrating the Probabilistic Models BM25/BM25F into Lucene},
  author={Joaqu{\'i}n P{\'e}rez-Iglesias and Jos{\'e} R. P{\'e}rez-Ag{\"u}era and V{\'i}ctor Fresno-Fern{\'a}ndez and Yuval Z. Feinstein},
This document describes the BM25 and BM25F implementation using the Lucene Java Framework. The implementation described here can be downloaded from [Pérez-Iglesias 08a]. Both models have stood out at TREC by their performance and are considered as stateof-the-art in the IR community. BM25 is applied to retrieval on plain text documents, that is for documents that do not contain fields, while BM25F is applied to documents with structure. 
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