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Integrating the North African countries into the EU market : the ENP as a three-level game

  title={Integrating the North African countries into the EU market : the ENP as a three-level game},
  author={Christos Kourtelis},
Egypt's Asymmetric Integration in the EU: The Making (and Unmaking) of a Neoliberal Borderland?
There is little doubt that the EU has played a key role within the wider constellation of forces pushing several Arab Mediterranean countries on the path of economic reform since the late 1980s. ThisExpand


Examining the Deep Integration Aspects of the EU-South Mediterranean Countries: Comparing the Barcelona Process and Neighbourhood Policy, the Case of Egypt
  • FEM 31-08. FEMISE Program. FEMISE.
  • 2007
Power over the Sea: The Relevance of Neoclassical Realism to Euro-Mediterranean Relations
The Barcelona Process and the European Neighbourhood Policy have often been considered inherently constructivist policies. This article maintains that power and the logics based on it are importantExpand
Food and Agricultural Commodities Production
  • 2008
Financial Sector Reforms and Prospects for Financial Integration in Maghreb Countries
A healthy and dynamic financial sector is essential to achieving high and sustainable economic growth in the Maghreb region-Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia. Financial integrationExpand
The Barcelona Process and the Political Economy of Euro-Mediterranean Trade Integration
The Barcelona Process aims to create a free trade area between the EU and its Mediterranean neighbours by 2010. This article uses two-level game theory to analyse the negotiations leading to theExpand
The Mediterranean Divide and its Echo in the Sahara: New Migratory Routes and New Barriers on the Path to the Mediterranean
As the Sahara connects directly with the southern shore of the Mediterranean via revitalised and ever multiplying routes, it is taking on significance and altering the relational system of theExpand
2006d. “Communication From the Commission to the Council and the
  • 2006
Beefing up the ENP: Towards a Modernisation and stability partnership
From EMP to ENP: What's at Stake with the European Neighbourhood Policy towards the Southern Mediterranean?
For almost a decade, the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (EMP) has been the main venue for the EU's relations to its southern periphery. Involving most countries on the southern shore of theExpand