Integrating surfing in the socio-economic and morphology and coastal dynamic impacts of the environmental evaluation of coastal projects

  title={Integrating surfing in the socio-economic and morphology and coastal dynamic impacts of the environmental evaluation of coastal projects},
  author={Pedro Bicudo and Ana Horta},
  journal={Journal of Coastal Research},
Bicudo, P. and Horta, A., 2009. Integrating Surfing in the Socio-economic and Morphology and Coastal Dynamic Impacts of the Environmental Evaluation of Coastal Projects. Journal of Coastal Research, SI 56 (Proceedings of the 10th International Coastal Symposium), pg - pg. Lisbon, Portugal, ISBN During the study for the viability of the implementation of an Artificial Surf Reef in Sao Pedros beach, Estoril, Portugal, contracted by the Municipality of Cascais, we developed at Instituto Superior… 

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