Integrating Novelty Detection Capabilities with MSL Mastcam Operations to Enhance Data Analysis

  title={Integrating Novelty Detection Capabilities with MSL Mastcam Operations to Enhance Data Analysis},
  author={Paul Horton and Hannah Rae Kerner and Samantha R Jacob and Ernest Cisneros and Kiri L. Wagstaff and James F. Bell},
  journal={2021 IEEE Aerospace Conference (50100)},
While innovations in scientific instrumentation have pushed the boundaries of Mars rover mission capabilities, the increase in data complexity has pressured Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and future Mars rover operations staff to quickly analyze complex data sets to meet progressively shorter tactical and strategic planning timelines. MSLWEB is an internal data tracking tool used by operations staff to perform first pass analysis on MSL image sequences, a series of products taken by the Mast… 
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