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Integrating Knowledge Modelling In Business Process Management

  title={Integrating Knowledge Modelling In Business Process Management},
  author={Giorgos Papavassiliou and Gregoris Mentzas and Andreas Abecker},
In this paper we present a new approach for integrating Business Process Management and Knowledge Management. We focus on the modelling of weakly-structured knowledge-intensive business processes. We develop a framework for modelling this type of processes that explicitly considers knowledge-related tasks and knowledge objects and present a workflow tool that is an implementation of our theoretical meta-model. As an example, we sketch one case study, the process for granting full old age… 
Supporting knowledge‐intensive work in public administration processes
A tool is presented that is an implementation of the theoretical meta-model and realises proactive, context-sensitive delivery of knowledge, integrated with the workflow enactment, and develops a framework for modelling this type of processes that explicitly considers knowledge-related tasks and knowledge objects.
Business Process Modelling and Enactment for Task-Specific Information Support
An approach to support knowledge-intensive business processes is presented and a case study from the Greek public sector is sketched.
Modelling knowledge in business processes: a case study of Croatian banks
  • V. Vukšić
  • Business
    27th International Conference on Information Technology Interfaces, 2005.
  • 2005
An approach that aims to combine business process modelling and knowledge management, portraying the interactions between processes and organisational knowledge is described.
Knowledge management (KM) is increasingly recognised as a strategic practice of knowledge-intensive companies, becoming an integral part of an organisation's strategy to improve business performance.
Methods and Tools for Business-Process Oriented Knowledge Management : Experiences from Case Studies
The FP5 European RTD project DECOR (Delivery of Context -Sensitive Organizational Knowledge) developed, consolidated, and tested a total solution for business-process oriented knowledge management
A Business Process oriented Approach for the Identification and Support of organizational Knowledge Processes
Process orientation is a widely recognized concept of organizing companies. With the emergence of knowledge management, new and challenging questions arise: How can knowledge management build on
Identifying knowledge management problems using a process-based method (a case study of process 137)
A method that draws upon business process improvement literature and combines it with knowledge management approaches for modeling and analyzing knowledge‐intensive business processes is developed and improved.
Knowledge cartography and capitalization in collaborative business processes
  • I. Sid, A. R. Ghomari
  • Business
    2014 4th International Symposium ISKO-Maghreb: Concepts and Tools for knowledge Management (ISKO-Maghreb)
  • 2014
Organizations structure their activities around business processes to achieve effectively their goals. Collaboration can intervene in these processes enabling better efficiency. We are interested in
Process-aware approach for managing organisational knowledge
This work presents a process-aware approach to develop KM platforms linked to business processes with semantic capability to manage knowledge objects with natural language content as well as to support social interactions and ad hoc working groups.
Representation and presentation of knowledge and processes - an integrated approach for a dynamic communication-intensive environment
A model of integrated knowledge and business process representation and its presentation to users that leverages the flexibility of a graph-based model to enable open and not only continuously developing user-centered processes but also pre-defined ones is discussed.


The EU-Project PROMOTE: A Process-Oriented Approach for Knowledge Management
The overall goal of the project is to develop an integrated framework for process-oriented knowledge management based on the existing business process management toolkit ADONIS to validate it by developing a product named PROMOTE and to test it with end user companies from the financial and insurance sector.
Knowledge Engineering and Management: The CommonKADS Methodology
The book covers in an integrated fashion the complete route from corporate knowledge management, through knowledge analysis andengineering, to the design and implementation of
Improving Knowledge Work Processes
The authors found that improvement methods for knowledge work ranged from the classical top-down approach to a more laissez-faire philosophy that allowed professionals to design and execute their own work.
Software tools supporting business process analysis and modelling
It is contended that the future use of similar process analysis tools is assured if standards issues are addressed, and that the high price for low software complexity, the large number of confusingly similar tools, the lack of comprehensive standards, and the potential “faddishness” of the tools.
Reengineering the Corporation: A Manifesto for Business Revolution
The introduction of democracy in south africa brought some hope to millions who were previously marginalised and the new government transformed the public.
Communities of practice.
Communities of practice are formed by people who engage in a process of collective learning in a shared domain of human endeavor: a tribe learning to survive, a band of artists seeking new forms of
Working knowledge.
Read a book becomes a choice of your different characteristics, and many people with reading habit will always be enjoyable to read, or on the contrary.
Wissen managen-wie Unternehmen ihre wertvollste Ressource optimal nutzen
An optical system suitable for use in machining plastics sheet material using a laser, brings a beam radiant energy in to a line focus on the work piece. The work piece is moving, and the line focus
Process Modelling for Knowledge Management
  • EKAW Workshop on Common Approaches on Knowledge Management, 12th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management, Juan-les-Pins, French Riviera
  • 2000
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